Mathilda is an artist living and working in London. Her practice often explores dualisms such as life and death, internal and external; Mathilda’s interest in this area originates from a fascination with the tension and vivacity that erupts when opposites meet. 

The form of a line is a mark Mathilda returns to again and again, its simplicity and weight can be visually arresting as well as familiar. Often visually subtle and delicate, there exists an unyielding power within the subtle marks. A line marks where the visual art making and text work meet and consolidates the varying materiality of her practice. 

Natural materials are used throughout Mathilda’s work and vary depending on the  concept being conveyed; natural materials are readily available and bring with them their own associations. Many disciplines are used in Mathilda’s practice including text and writing, not confined to a specific media, Mathilda uses and learns new techniques when necessary to best communicate an idea creating a diverse and surprising practice.