Seed Diaries 

A roughly weekly account of my seed tray growth and gardening activities that dig up thoughts on what gardening means. Including the history, material culture and personal issues gardening brings to the surface.

Week 3: Page 1 of 1

I have had less time to write the Seed Diary’s this week as I have been busily preparing material for a residency application and various MA related things too. But in my writerly absence, the seeds have continued to grow. Again not all of them. I think I have figured out what was impeding/ killing off some of the spinach seedlings, mildew. Due to the damp and warm conditions. Which is what I thought they needed but you live and learn. Before I had learnt this, a few swiss chard seedlings have also succumbed to mildew unfortunately.

To avoid losing any more spinach seedlings, I took the risk of planting out most of them. They do prefer a cool climate so it seemed the best thing to do in order to save the rest of the seedlings from not getting too cold. So far they are doing ok out there. They were really small so I wasn’t keen on planting them outside but seeing as a few of them had died already, it seemed the best thing to do.

During the writing and filming involved in this residency application, I did still check the green seed tray everyday and spent (probably too long!) staring at the squares of soil, trying to ascertain any new growth or impending deaths. One of the things I discovered on this very close inspection was, what I had previously thought was a tomato seedling popping up (you may remember the photoshop
images) was not in fact a seedlings at all. Most likely some fibrous material from the basic multi-purpose compost. The next

Seed tray 25th March

thing I discovered was that what I had thought was a spring onion seedling was a weed! Most likely having seeded itself on one of the seed trays excursions outside.

Today, however, there is some big news. Courgette seedling! No this time there really is a seedling (although I could see why you may doubt this). There is nothing like the initial excitement of realising something you planted has started to grow. It is worth the wait.

Courgette... probably

The only other thing I have to say this week is regarding some of those photoshop images I used last week (week2). I was sharing the Seed Diary’s with a friend and they brought it to my attention the present implications

of that particular character of Hercules (The Legendary Journey’s) or rather the person who played the part. It was brought to my attention that he is a racist1 with very little if not no respect for concerns on sexually inequality2. In light of this I have had to re-edit the images with the Black Lives Matter movement text over them. Although I have not explicitly referred to the person who plays this character and so perhaps it could be seen as unnecessary to mention this at all, it is my belief that not taking any responsibility for forwarding representations of racism is part of the problem. I hope that acknowledging the problems, injustices and inequality present implicitly in these images I will contribute (very minimally) to the consciousness necessary in order to, at present, acknowledge and reduce institutionalised and everyday racism so that in the future it can be something that can be reflected back/ seen behind us. Eyes ears and all the senses need to be open to acknowledging racism in order to extinguish it in the future. We are not there yet.

1. ‘Kevin Sorbo was...’, the daily beast, 2020 <> [accessed 25 March 2021]. 2. ‘’Hercules...’, USA today, unknown <> [accessed 25 March 2021].