Merino Wool Embroidered Canvas / 2018 Title:Blue Reed

Its head lolls beneath the weight of its blue thread. The merino wool shimmers, demarcating boldly the thin line of it’s stem. Occupying the vast emptiness with one sole length. It is alone.

The overall image is minimal, a soft maybe feminine feel but a violent act has taken place. To create this penetrated spaces have been forced through the canvas. The needle has been driven, pushed up through the unknowing fibres, a chasm empty, remnants of the attack.

The needle an instrument of destruction but it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, this was the very reason it was chosen for this act. It has a past of fixing and not breaking. It fixes the fabric of things together that had once fallen apart. The open wound on the tip of your toe, it has made the possibility of walking again.

Perhaps this is where the hope comes from. The curve and bend of the heavy head suggests a heavy event of life has passed but all is not lost and perhaps what is lost can one day be fixed.

Merino Wool Embroidered Canvas / 2018
Title:Read Read

                        This reed is not red and cannot read and it has never read anything. The words themselves are false but reed remains true. True to the table cloth on which it is sewn, true to the black hairs that scatter it’s surface.

It cannot read but you can read it. The form continues, the same but different as always a reed is a reed and yet each is never the same. Count each seed measure each stem, its head lowered once more as in mourning for what has been or what is will become?