Pen Drawing / 2017

                        The line marks the once internal organ brought out into view, outside of it’s boundaries. The inversion of the organ.

Surgical Pins and Driftwood / 2017
Title: Rib Cage

Pieced together from bone-like material deposited absent-mindedly on shores, Rib Cage adopts an impossible task. Surgical Pins are used to attach each piece of driftwood together but to no avail; the pins usually implemented to help heal bones instead display a hopeless optimism. The pins themselves penetrate the space, protecting and incasing simultaneously.

The ribcage is a bone structure that protects our vital organs and an important part of how we breath, yet here the surgical pins suggest an eerily painful presentation of a personal ‘cage’. The role of protector and predator combine, the dualisms of life and death amalgamate.