Extended Essay / 2020
Title: Ersilia:
Excavating the (In)visibility of Objects

             A disjointed interaction between a fictional archaeological dig and an academic text pondering the difficulties of the presence of an object – its in(visibility) and perceived lack of significance. Drawing on Object Orientated Ontology and thinkers such as Judith Butler and Peggy Phelan to eke out the struggles in being visible and the repercussions of this action. A performative text taking place both in a fictional archaeological dig, Ersilia, and theoretical text concerning the (in)visibility of objects, drawing parallels with the (in)visibility of women.

Come this way. Only through the trees can you see the tenebrous sky. This is particularly true now; spindly lopsided rectangles of blank greyness are intercepted by a parallelogram of blank greyness interrupted by multiple criss-crossings of indistinguishable shapes and blank greyness.

Just below where the wily magpie sits, follow your eyes along the longest branch of gangly elm, the one leaning north, and that is the site of the first trench at Ersilia.You can see the edges of the dense bramble bushes … there, that’s the far end, making the total width 10.25m, with the cavern just off the centre of the site. The area is not so large at present but this is subject to change as I will explain.

There are currently four persons on site not including myself. In the next few days we are expecting more diggers, a photographer and a group of consultants, some of which have already made their mark.

How do we know what is where?

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